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Music during ceremony
There are several excellent and needed times to take a break and let everyond catch there breaths, as it were, during the wedding ceremony. This is what live music accomplishes. The natural tendancy is to rush through the wedding ceremony and get it over with. By pausing at different times during the ceremony, usually after 5-10 minutes from the begining and/or before the vows are read, this slows down the pace of the ceremony and helps everyone to further relax and reflect on what is about to take place. This is usually when I play the couples favorite song or songs.

The recessional
The recessional is at the end of the wedding ceremony where the recently wed couple are preparing to walk away from the ceremony area followed by the wedding party. It is especially important to have upbeat, faster and triumphed type music played during the recessional. That way there is a feeling pf purpose during the exit. As the couple leaves  and the rest of the wedding party follows, all wedding guests desire to congratulate the newly wed couple as soon as possible. While recessional music is playing, it helps to keep this exit proccess more orderly.